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Olympian | 2 Medals | 3 Haitian Records 

Swim Career

Naomy was introduced to the sport of swimming at 8 years old through a local YMCA club in the United States. She began competing at 10 years old and quickly found her place within GA Swimming. Her personality suited her to be the Georgia Athlete Representative for 2 years which then transitioned to the USA Diversity and Inclusion Athlete Representative for 2 years. At 18, Naomy was recruited to swim at the University of Chicago. At 19, she began swimming for Haiti while simultaneously spearheading the Haitian National Swim Team with her parents and the Haitian Swimming Federation. She achieved her dreams of swimming in an Olympic Games in 2016 where she became the first female to ever represent Haiti in the sport. In the years following the Olympics, Naomy won the first Haitian medals for swimming, gold and silver in the 50m and 100m breaststroke at the 2018 CCCAN Games. She is the national record holder in the 50m & 100m freestyle and 50m fly. She has helped register 10 new athletes onto the developing Haitian National Team and has helped the team compete in over 10 international competitions.

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