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The Athlete Experience | The 3rd Cultured Experience | The Female Experience | The Human Experience

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Naomy has many interests and passions outside the world of sports. Identifying as multicultural, Naomy enjoys a wholistic and open worldview that embraces experiences from all perspectives and backgrounds. While she enjoys collecting lovely experiences from the world, she loves sharing them the most. From vlogging to Instagram, you can find Naomy sharing her journey through the human experience in various ways.


Focused on using social media to connect, rather than compare, Naomy hopes that she can use her platform to share not only her voice and perspective, but the voices and perspectives of others who many not receive the spotlight or platform from mainstream media. Through open dialogue and discussion, Naomy hopes to quietly revolutionize, question and/or reframe the issues prevalent in her human experience to help guide evolution towards a more peaceful and equal humanity.


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